Café: Dark Horse Espresso Bar
Location: 215 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON
Other Locations: 682 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON


From others who I’ve talked to, Dark Horse is supposed to be one of the best places in the city for coffee. So I was hopeful as I went to their Spadina location. Seeing it for the first time, I grew more positive as indeed it is a beautiful location. (Yes I will stick to espresso reviews, not interior design.) Behind the counter is a big La Marzocco with what I believe was a Mazzer grinder. I will check next time on details. I asked what was available for espresso, hoping that perhaps there is choice, but there was only the house blend by Detour. She told me they sometimes put in 49th Parallel Epic Espresso. I told the barista that I was a big espresso fan and that I had heard good things. So now to the shot. I was served at a stand up counter in a classicly shaped nice thick white cup.

The shot I had was bright to the point that it was puckery for me and a little sour with a long finish. I detected some chocolate and citrusy fruit, but not much. Something that I didn’t really enjoy. (I describe more what I enjoy in espressos on my About page.)

Conclusions: In a Pinch (Ratings Guide)

Surprisingly this was not in my top 5 of Toronto so far. But I will try again to see if it was just an off shot.

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