Café: Crema Coffee Company

Location: 3079 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ON
Other Location: 53 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON


As I went to Crema for the first time, I had high expectations. From a few opinions that I had read and been told, Crema Coffee Company has the reputation of being one of the most consistent places to have a good shot in Toronto.

I happened to visit on Crema’s second anniversary. When I walked up to the cashier, I was presented with a cookie and told that cappuccinos were $2. I thanked him for the cookie and asked for an espresso. Also asked what kind of espresso beans were available. I was told Epic and the Organic blend. When I asked about the taste difference, the cashier turned to the barista. The organic was described as fruitier and brighter. I went for the Epic.

The equipment is a 3 group Synesso with three Anfim Super Caimainos on timers. Bottomless portafilters are used, and timers are placed above each grouphead. The barista was busy with a backup of orders and I watched him prepare some milk drinks with carefully poured latte art. Portafilters were emptied and flushed between shots, and loading was done in a careful precise manner. When it was time for my shot, a brown and white limited edition 49th Parallel was taken from on top of the machine, and the shot and timer were started. Another loaded shot was also timed started on the neighbouring grouphead. After close supervision, the shot was stopped and served.

The cup had a mound of crema that looked bubbly and velvety. The nose had more sweetness than I was expecting with a good chocolate base. The first sip was smooth and balanced and highlighted milky smooth choclate and sweet caramel. Further sips revealed more complexity with underlying sweet cherry at the end. Mouthfeel was large with full body and great creaminess and velvety texture. One of the best shots of Epic ever. One of the best shots that I’ve ever had in Toronto. No the free cookie did not bias my opinion. I think I was actually more surprised with this shot because I have had a good variety of Epic shots in cafés, both delicious, but some also a bit on the bright side for my taste. This shot had great balance.

Conclusions: Good Spot (Ratings Guide)

I had an great shot during a relatively busy time. Why not an A+. This was my first trip to Crema, and although I have heard that the consistency is dependable, I need an excuse to go back and evaluate while looking forward to some more great shots.

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