Aeropress: A bergamot tea-like aroma with peach hits the nose preluding a promising clean cup. On first sip, big peachiness opens a very flavoured, complex cup that has bergamot acidity well balanced with apricot jam sweetness on light caramel background. The finish is long and delicate reverting back to the bergamot tea notes.
Brew Parameters: 19 grams in, 250 grams water, 200 degrees, 1:15 minute immersion with 0:30 press. It was hard to over-extract this coffee, while lower extractions highlighted more tea-like notes.
Who Would I Recommend To: One of my favourite drip coffees this year that I would recommend to anybody to try as it has such big flavours and many nuances. Those who like bergamot tea-like delicacy will be the biggest fans.

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