Espresso: Aroma features dark chocolate notes combining with sweet liqueur-like fruit and touches of flower, leather, and spice. Bitter chocolate opens up a soft taste that opens up with cherry and wine fruitiness and slight acidity that turns very creamy on the tongue with a little herbal funkiness. Short dry cocoa finish with some spice.
In Milk: Very light with chocolate notes. This is why Vivace has the second Vita blend.
Brew Parameters: 19 grams in, 26 grams out in 28 seconds, 201 degrees. Veering from these parameters quickly played havoc as the shot became dirty and bitter losing the nice attributes.
Who Would I Recommend To: Those looking for a different roaster-centric, complex espresso blend that must be pulled within very tight parameters. This blend is about roasting and preparation to make something delicious, not about highlighting the origin. For me, enjoyable.

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